Cardama Shipyard:
A century-old company with a long experience

Cardama Shipyard is heir of a long experience in shipbuilding and ship repair due to the tradition of Vigo area, where the company is based.

Founded in 1916 by Francisco Cardama Godoy, Cardama Shipyard started with wooden vessels business and marine paint manufacturing. During the sixties the company experienced a huge transformation to be able to work with steel vessels, mainly for fishing industry.

Nowadays, Cardama Shipyard has become one of the most active shipyard in Spain and has been awarded a wide range of international projects in countries like Angola, Iraq, Morocco, Iceland, United Kingdom, Algeria, Benin, Ecuador and Venezuela, among others. This international focus enables the Company to compete with the largest Shipyards in the world, helping the Company and the whole Spanish naval sector to achieve a great positioning among the world shipbuilding industry.

Cardama Shipyard has perfectly adapted to the current market needs, investing in relevant new equipment as well as developing a constant technology surveillance with the aim of being up- to-date of the newest sector innovations.