More than a century of history


More than 100 years of experience building and repairing ships make Cardama Shipyard a benchmark in the world shipbuilding market. In 2016, the centenary was commemorated with an endless number of cultural and joyful activities.

Those celebrations included a gala dinner with old colleagues and commemorational gifts, the organization of a painting competition for children at the shipyard facilities, several guided tours throughout the year and the participation of employees in the activities of the “Bouzas Festival”.

One of the most striking actions was the creation of a commemorative graffiti on the front of the shipyard, made by the iconic Vigo-based graffiti artist “Powone”. The project represents the history of Cardama Shipyard since its foundation and concludes with a spectacular artwork honoring the main protagonists of the industry: the workers.

Another of the most relevant events that took place was the movie music concert of “Mayeusis Foundation”, with more than 400 people at the shipyard facilities, arranged for the occasion in an effort to improve the acoustic.

2016 was a very intense year for Cardama Shipyard in terms of events and recognitions. Probably the most important was the appointment of the company as “Vigués Distinguido”, a great honor that few people and entities are awarded and a high pride for the company to receive it the year of its Centenary.